Phoenix Crash (phoenixcrash) wrote in computerani,
Phoenix Crash

Online Portfolio Underway

I am recently coding and online portfolio for those in computer animation majors. Though this will probably be in the making while I'm in school it will take a while being that FS takes over your life. The coding and intergratin will be primitive since I am still learning a bit if PHP but it helps me a bit on practicing it. So far the uploading system works and the login system works. I am working on trying to get it to set a session cookie where as when you log in you have the choice to stay logged in everytime you visit your admin functions or dont' stay logged in. It will take a while. Right now I'm working on the registration page. Beta testing of the online portfolio in under going major construction with the help of my roommate.

What the online portfolio does is help you organize your art work and 3D work. Plus you can organize which type of Demo Reel you want to show to your potential employer. I'm not sure on how much space to give people on this portfolio. I'll probably may charge a small fee for it since it's a portfolio that will take up alot of bandwidth. As of right now if you guys are interested once the first offical public Beta version comes out you guys can sign up for an account and test it out a bit and give feedback on what bugs I should fix. If there is any suggestions you guys have form me here about what to put onto the portfolio let me know.

So far the version has these implemented:
. (Choose from 2D or 3D and it will upload to the right folder.)
Admin F

What will in added within the next two or three weeks to the Admin:
e Admin:
Category Manager
Demo Reel Manager
Resume Editor
Contact Info Editor
Profile Editor
Forum/Guestbook Manager
Comments Manager

To the Main Index:
Login for Members (So members can critique on other members works.)
Job Openings (Which companies are hiring and what are their criteria for the job position they are hiring for.)
Members Forum (Get to know other members with portfolios and what got them interested in art/computer animation.)

Hopefully this will take off easy and be worth it for everyone.

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