Phoenix Crash (phoenixcrash) wrote in computerani,
Phoenix Crash

Welcome Computer Animators

First off this community is based for the sole purpose of getting information about computer animation and 3D graphics. Works of using Maya, 3D studio Max and other 3D programs that the industry use. You are to help each other out and new computer animation members of the community if they have a problem. Be advise some of these people may have more experience than you and some may have very little but everyone is here for one reason. Because they love to do computer animation whether it be for movies, music videoes, or game design. Show each other some repsect. And please save your competition for the industry when you go out job hunting.

I'll be posting from time to time stating my views on the computer animation industry. I've also done alot of research on what type of demo reels that each company will WANT to see. Also to help all those beginners make a KICK ASS demo reel that will blow the competition away. Most job openings will always ask for 3 or more years of experience so what I suggest you new computer animators do is take on as much internship while in college as you can. Work your ass off as an intern even if serving coffee is just what you do as an intern. While intering get to know alot of people that are INSIDE the industry. The more you know people the easier it is for them to recommend you. Don't forget. HAVE A FIRST GOOD IMPRESSION ON EVERYONE AND STICK WITH IT. Computer animation is growing big but don't forget the traditional 2D animation, cause somewhere in the future Computer animation will die out from something even better.

Catch you all later.
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