Andrew Hite (edgeofsummerx) wrote in computerani,
Andrew Hite

Okay, so I'm new to 3d...and I've only been using Maya/modeling in 3d for about a month now. I've gone through a couple tutorials, but mostly on basic this is my first attempt at modeling something more advanced and completely on my own. Haha, it's obviously not's just a torso, arms, and legs, but I wanted to see if I could get some critique about what I have so far.

I figure I'll start work on the head next...but that's gonna be a bitch I figure. Should be interesting at least. It only took me about 6 hours to get to this point, but I have a feeling the head might take a day or so...
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It's nice, so much better than what I could do. Takes me forever to model anything. But then again I'm not much of a modeler. I'm more of an animator.

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haha, thanks. there's alot of problems with it that i'm trying to figure out how to fix...but the computer that i have maya on (well, the only one that it'll run well without causing my computer to freak out) is kinda out of commision right now. i'll try and put together a basic tutorial after i get the pc up and running again tho...but i'll tell ya one thing that'll kinda help ya out and give you a hint on how to do a model like that. the main body is composed of 3 polygonal cylindars that are modeled seperately then attached to each other using the "merge vertices" function, then one half of the body is mirrored to create the other half. it's actually really easy to do it using this method, but the main problem is continutity so that when animated the model doesn't fall apart.